Atlanta Bible College provides very generous financial aid to all students to reduce the amount paid by the student. The charges below are after the aid has been applied.

Cost/Credit Hour: $179

Special Offer for New Students: First-time students are eligible to receive a free class. Upon the completion of a paid-for class in which a final grade of C or better is received, a free class (up to 3 Sem. Hrs.) may be taken the following semester. 

Application Fee: US applicants - $30 (one-time, non-refundable), International applicants $125 (one-time, non-refundable)

Books: Approximately $250 per semester for a student taking a full-time course load.

Deferred Fee: Payment for tuition, books, and fees is required at the beginning of the semester. For an additional $40, a deferred payment plan is available. Half of the bill is due at the beginning of the semester and the other half is due half way through the semester.

Room Rent per Semester: $1,500/double; $2,050/single (if available), prices include utilities

Security Deposits: $150/room + $50/key

Student Activity Fee: $40